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Building Robust and Enduring Productive Capacity in Africa
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AfricaRecruit named as one of the big achievements of NEPAD in the last 4 years - NEPAD Secretariat June 2005

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Africa Diaspora Investment

For analysis and surveys on Diaspora Remittances and Investments as well as presentations and forthcoming events on Investments

For Africa Diaspora Healthcare Professionals to register for Newsletters, events and Health Care programmes as well as presentations on Health and forthcoming events healthcare/index.htm

Presentation at the Third Ordinary Session of the African Union Labour and Social Affairs Commission 18-23 April 2005

African Union Economic, Social and Cultural Council of the African Union

Executive Summary of the Commission for Africa's report

Full report is available here




Voluntary Service Overseas Diaspora Volunteering Conference: Diaspora and Development: The Global Context. 8/9 June 2010 London UK.  Kindly click here
Conference of the Vice-Chancellors, Provosts, Deans of Science Engineering and Technology November 2009, Kampala, Uganda: Mobilising and Engaging the African Diaspora. Kindly click here
Managing Risk in Africa, Responding to Political, Social & Economic Challenges, 989 Wilton Park Conference, Mobilising the Diaspora July 09. Kindly click here
European Commission - Circular Migration & Labour Matching -26th March 2009 Belgium "Diaspora skills mobilisation and deployment for development in Africa". Kindly click here.
Africa Outsourcing Summit, "People & Skills in Enhancing North South Trade Co-operation", 2nd - 3rd March 2009 London UK Kindly click here.
Rights and Humanity Emergency Meeting, "Ubuntu: From Crisis to A Just and Sustainable World Economy.", 23/24th Feb 09, London UK Kindly click here.
'Effective strategies of African Diaspora in African-European Business', Presented by AfricaRecruit at the 13th International Metropolis Conference, 30th October 2008, Bonn, Germany Kindly click here.
Enhancing Diaspora Effectiveness;West Africa College of Surgeon Forum 7th October 2008, London United Kingdom Kindly click here.
Presentations from the Tanzania Diaspora Investment and Skills Forum April 08 Kindly click here.
Howard University African Business Conference Feb 08: Career Choices-Returning Expatriates Kindly click here.
Building the African Union Continental eHealth Network: Making the case for Low Cost Wireless Broadband Infrastructure Presented at the ICT-Africa 2008 UNECA, Addis Ababa Ethiopia Kindly click here.
African Gender Forum and Award 10-11-12 December 2007, Dakar, Senegal Brain Drain, Brain Gain & Brain Circulation Kindly click here.
African Gender Forum and Award 10-11-12 December 2007, Dakar, Senegal Curbing Migration , What Steps ?                Kindly click here.
University of Leicester Career Day, 1st November 2007. Kindly click here.
Creating an Enabling Environment for Enterprise Development: Learning from Best Practices at the Africa Small Business Summit Lagos Nigeria 4-5 October 2007 Kindly click here.
Presentation from Engaging British Minority Ethnic (BME) Skills in the labour market of their home countries: Opportunities and Challenges 12th
July 2007, London United Kingdom Kindly click here.

Mobilising People in Emergency The Role of Non-Governmental,Private and Public sector in Africa
28-29th June 2007, Nairobi Kenya Kindly click here.
Improving Health for the World's poor: what can health professionals do? 8th May 2007 London United Kingdom
by Africa All Party Parliamentary Group & British Medical Association Kindly click here.
23.8 Kb
Commonwealth Migration and Development Forum by the Commonwealth Secretariat Marlborough House 17th May 07 London United Kingdom Kindly click here.
551 Kb
Challenges Facing Human Resources in Health Care in Nigeria - Nigerian Nurses Charitable Association United Kingdom London United Kingdom 4th May 2007Kindly click here.
Migration and Co-development:
The Networking Process and the role of European NGOs in mobilizing migrants' transnational networks towards development Paris, 24th and 25th April 2007.Kindly click here.
Nigerians in Diaspora: Building the Nation through Skills: Nigerian television Authority 3rd National Lecture Series, April 3rd 2007. Kindly click here
Presentations from Kenya Diaspora Investment Forum Dec 2006 Kindly click here
AfricaRecruit to the African Union Head of Missions, 19th December, 2006
CAP Sante 3eme Forum : Questions Santé d'Afrique:
Mobilisation des professionnels de la santé de la Diaspora Africaine:
Une experience Anglophone, Namur, Belgique
2 Décembre 2006
Questions Santé d'Afrique
Presentations Agriculture an Investment or Skills Option for the Diaspora London United Kingdom 23rd and 24th November 2006 Kindly click here
African Women Conference - Mobilising African Women in the Diaspora for Africa London United Kingdom, 10th November 06
Launch of Nigerian Affairs Magazine- Facilitating the Skills Transfer London United Kingdom, 11th November 06
Civil society and African Integration: A Research Conference, Aalborg University, Denmark, November 6-7, 2006
"The Role of the Diaspora in the Revitalization of Healthcare systems in Africa"- International Conference on the State of Affairs of Africa, Institute of Justice abd Development, Boston, Massachusetts, USA October 26-28 2006
Various Presentations from Achieving Best Value from Human Resources and Skills using Information Communication Technology Johannesburg South Africa 23/24th October 2006 kindly click here  
Impact of Brain Drain/Gain in Europe and Africa African Youth Foundation Conference, Bonn Germany 19-21 October 2006.
The Year of Africa one year on: making the rhetoric the reality?What Professionals can do to aid achievement of the goals, future challenges Shell African Network 18th October 2006 London United Kingdom
Preparing Youth for Employment Yes Kenya Presentation
13-16 September 2006
Optimising the potential of Commonwealth Teacher using ICT
World Teachers' Day Conference 2006
Business and the Millennium Development Goals: The Business Challenge Africa 11th International Business Forum: New Network Potential Advancing the Positive Approach to Migration 8-10th October 2006 Bonn/Germany (
Ad-hoc expert group meeting on Strengthening the business sector and entrepreneurship in developing countries: the potential of diasporas:Strengthening Linkages and Facilitating Trade, Skills and Knowledge transfer United Nations New York, 5 October 2006
Africa Center for Health and Human Security, George Washington University, Washington, DC USA: Africa Recruit and Future Challenges of Engaging Africa's Diaspora on Continental Issues 4TH October 2006
The Future Health Workforce: Africa's Diaspora -Health Care Summer School Centre for Health Planning and Management September 14, 2006 Keele University United Kingdom.
Promoting Global Solutions to Health Worker Migration: Policy Innovations for Sending and Receiving Nations. Assessing Policy Innovations to Date-Bi-lateral Agreements, Codes of Conduct; Diaspora Initiatives. September 12, 2006 New York US
The Aga Khan first multidisciplinary conference on human resource and capacity building, Nairobi Kenya, 4-6th September 2006
Presentation at the BME Remittance Survey Launch-Department for International Development 27th June 2006
32 Kb
Career and Professional Development using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
56.4 Kb
Migration and Development - AfricaRecruit's intervention at the informal interactive hearings of NGOs, Civil Society and the Private Sector at the United Nations, 12th July 2006
154 Kb
Improving health in the developing world : what can national medical associations do? Health worker migration : working towards a solution. British Medical Association Conference 30th June 06
252 Kb
Meeting ACP Ministers Asulum, Migration and Mobility Belgium April 2006
428 Kb
Presentations and Papers on Healthcare in Africa from various stakeholders kindly click here
Presentations on Diaspora Investments kindly click here  
255 Kb
Mobilising the African Diaspora Professionals and Resources for
406 Kb
Caribbean Teachers for the Future: A Tri-partite Policy Dialogue Forum to review the status of Teachers in the Caribbean towards achieving quality Education for All.
611 KB
Young Professional Cameroon Network: The Role of the African Diaspora 5th November 05
114 KB
African World Business Congress 2005: Towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals: Harnessing the Human Resource Capabilities of the Diaspora 7-9th November 2005
189 KB
The role of skills in Development - Dr Banjoko: Chairperson AfricaRecruit - Presentation made at University of Westminster on 4th November 2005
386 KB

The Role of Human Resources in Mobilizing the Diaspora for Capacity Building in Africa - Dr Banjoko: Chairperson AfricaRecruit
152 KB
Nigerians Abroad Contribution to Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria
93 KB
Sierra Leone Consultative & Investment Forum
278 KB
AfricaRecruit named as one of the big achievements of NEPAD in the last 4 years - NEPAD Secretariat June 2005
138 KB
Brief Report on Nigeria Recruit 2004
375 KB
Keeping the Commonwealth Connected - Dr Banjoko
1 MB
Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) & Sierra Leone Diaspora 15 June 2005 UK
368 KB
Sources of Investments in Africa, Diaspora -European Investor Perspective Africa Youth Foundation Germany 19th May 2005
720 KB
Delivering Financial Services - Committed to Africa Friday 29th April 2005
450 KB
Engineering Forum of Nigerians -Job Prospect and Recruitment in Nigeria and other African countries 16th April 2005
203 KB
DFID Send Money Home
222 KB
Londoners and International Development - City Hall 7th March 2005
566 KB
Women in Business International Conference South Africa 2-4th March 2005- Unleashing Human Potential Susan Githuku HR Director Coca-Cola S&E. Africa Division
42 KB
NigeriaRecruit2004 Career Day
9.5 MB
Brain Drain: University of Westminster : Exploring current issues in Development, 26 Nov 2004 - Dr. Banjoko
282 Kb
AfricaRecruit presentation at the Meeting Series jointly organised by ODI, the Africa All Party Parliamentary Group and the Royal African Society 16th November 04
1.16 MB
Commonwealth Business Women's Network Seminar; Promoting Women Entrepreneurs Sharing Best Practice 12th November 04
514 Kb
Employment Guidelines Best of Nigeria 12th November 04 Lagos Nigeria
295 Kb
Financing African Development: Mobilising the Diaspora Sponsor: Diageo September 29, 2004
833 Kb
Dr Namane Magau presentation.ppt  
Mam Toruay HR Skills Development for Gamtel.ppt  
Marcus Powell Best Practice.ppt  
Martin Carberry Jua Kali Presentation Part A.ppt  
Martin Carberry Jua Kali Presentation Part B.ppt  
Martin Carberry Jua Kali Presentation Part C.ppt  
Norman Auerbach strat-skills-conf-kalleo.ppt  
Oupa Mopaki Strategic Skills for Africa Presentation Aug2004.ppt  
Raj ILO.ppt  
Romano Daniels Blended Approach CW FINAL.ppt  
Commonwealth Visuals01 Sun 05 Sept.ppt  
Diageo - Talent Diaspora.ppt  
Creating sustainable competitive advantage through people - Graylink  
Skills Needs – Labour Market Problems: Recruitment Agency Perspective - Simpson Nondo  
Mr. Winston Cox, Deputy Secretary General, Commonwealth Secretariat  
Harnessing the Brain Drain for Productivity in Nigeria - the Nigeria British Forum, 26 June 2004
200 Kb
Eastern Africa Private Sector - NEPAD conference on 24/25 June 2004
281 Kb

Background Papers Prepared for Global Skills Seminar
December 2003 For Africa by its Media Partner Panapress
289 Kb
Report on the Strategic Skills Seminar for Africa, March 2004
1044 Kb

Oracle HRMS

1295 Kb

Brain Drain in Africa

111 Kb

HR needs Architects not administrators

477 Kb

Building robust and enduring productive capacity in Africa

106 Kb

Rethinking Recruitment

281 Kb

Doing Business in Africa

234 Kb

Developing Skills in Africa

108 Kb

Standard Chartered Bank's Presentation

650 Kb
Unilever presentation on Management Development Scheme
94 Kb
ILO presentation
32 Kb
Report on Global Skills Seminar for Africa December 2003
1.5 Mb
The Global Skills for Africa Seminar/Career Fair Report
746 Kb
Africa's skills and labour market problems : A private sector perspective - Foluso Phillips
1.8 Mb

Reversing Africa's Brain Drain: The AfricaRecruit Initiative and the Challenge to Governments, the Diaspora and the Private Sector
Dr Mohan Kaul, CEO, Commonwealth Business Council

205 Kb

Contribution to the “Global Skills Seminar for Africa" - Mr. A. Merouane, Coordinator for Human Resources Development, NEPAD Secretariat

51 Kb

Investing in the Diaspora for Sustainable Development - Mr. Hubert Danso, Vice Chairman, africapractice

100 Kb

Opening Statement - Pascal Dozie, Chairman, Diamond Bank ;Chairman, CHOGM Business Support Group and Board member, Commonwealth Business Council

80 Kb

Foundations for Africa's future: Harnessing the passion & skills of young Africans in the diaspora - Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie, Executive Director, African Foundation for Development (AFFORD)

336 Kb

Skills Needs - Labour Market Problems: Industry Perspective - JNK Odocha, FNAPE; FNMGS, General Manager Human Resources
Nigeria LNG Limited

133 Kb

Diaspora Perspectives: Perceptions and Perspectives of Professionals in the Diaspora - Agrippa Ezozo, President, African Diaspora Foundation - USA

71 Kb

What can government do to encourage inward skills flow? - Prof. G.O. Ajayi Director General/CEO, National Information Technology Development Agency - NITDA

662 Kb
Skills Need - Labour Market Problems - Mr Desi Lopez Fafie Managing Director Africa Operations Oracle
164 Kb
Skills Need - Labour Market Problems Recruitment Agency Perspective - Mr Folusho Phillips, Phillips Consulting
815 Kb
African diaspora and the development of Africa
140 Kb
Skill needs - recruitment agency perspective - Steve Shelley
36 Kb




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