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AfricaRecruit named as one of the big achievements of NEPAD in the last 4 years - NEPAD Secretariat June 2005

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Africa Diaspora Investment

For analysis and surveys on Diaspora Remittances and Investments as well as presentations and forthcoming events on Investments

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World Bank: Mobilizing the African Diaspora for Development Initiative


Virtual Career Guidance: Building Capacity and Capabilities of Youth Employment in Africa

For Africa Diaspora Healthcare Professionals to register for Newsletters, events and Health Care programmes as well as presentations on Health and forthcoming events healthcare/index.htm

Diaspora Database


Mobilising and Engaging African Diaspora
Science and Technology
For Africa

Networking and Reconnecting the Skills, Knowledge and Linkages of African Nationals Abroad.

To Harness Science and Technology in Africa (for details kindly click here)

AfricaCareerGuidance helps you find the right career with your skills.

Would you like to benefit from or contribute to career development in Africa? Kindly visit

    Serving Recruiters
How does AfricaRecruit work for Africa's Recruiters? Who are AfricaRecruits clients?
  HR Club
What is AfricaRecruit Humar Resources Club ?

Accessing the Diaspora
Which networks does AfricaRecruit tap to mobilise the Diaspora as a cohesive network?
  Reports & Presentations
Reports and Presentations from AfricaRecruit Events

Human Resources

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  Survey’s on Remittances, Brain Drain
For details on the surveys and further information kindly click here

Diaspora Newsletter

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