Diaspora Partners and Supporters

If you are a member of the Diaspora and will like to support the project kindly contact us at scienceandtechnology@africarecruit.com

You can also download the flyer by clicking here

The African Scientific Network (ASN) is a network of "educators without borders. It has a membership of 1500, divided into several discipline-based groups, including physics, material science, mathematics, bioinformatics, biotechnology, and others. The objectives of the project include:
  1. Organizing several interdisciplinary groups in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  2. Informing African educators and students on available education and research opportunities.
  3. Becoming a vehicle to facilitate institutional collaborations using the African Diaspora as primary contact person to facilitate such collaboration.
  4. Minimizing the isolation of African educators, and
  5. Establishing organizational structures that will mainstream the African faculty and student body.
For further information, kindly visit http://sirius-c.ncat.edu/asn/index.html

Diaspora African Forum exists "to invite and encourage the full participation of Africans in the Diaspora in the building of the African Union, in its capacity as an important part of the Continent". We will provide the vital linkage for Diaspora Africans to become involved in Africa's development as well as reap the fruits of African unity. For further information, kindly visit www.diasporaafricanforum.org

The African University of Science and Technology in Abuja (AUST – Abuja) was established by the Nelson Mandela Institution (NMI) in 2007 as the first of a Pan-African Network of Institutes of Science and Technology and Centers of Excellence located across the continent. The African University of Science and Technology (or AUST-Abuja) will be the first AIST campus. It will be a not-for-profit institution. It will be a respected, world-class technological university, whose purpose is to train, and help retain in Africa, top-level scientists and engineers. The medium of instruction at AUST-Abuja will be English. Special language courses will be provided to non-English speakers. For further information, kindly visit www.aust-abuja.org

The Open Ecosystem platform is a UK based company dedicated to bridging the digital divide by making it easy for independent teachers and institutions to make their educational resources widely available. Our goal is to provide an affordable e-learning platform that can be used by most teachers, enabling them to access a wide community of learners. Open Ecosystem is a cost effective and easy to use Web based learning platform. It enables teachers and students to engage in rich collaborative activities similar to those performed in the classroom. The Open Ecosystem platform can be installed from a standard CD/DVD. This enables us to distribute content and promote the use of e-learning technologies in institutions that are not connected to the internet. Where an Internet connection exists, the Open Ecosystem platform has the unique benefit of enabling instructors to reach out to a geographically dispersed student community. For further information, visit www.openecosystem.com

The Sierra Leone Diaspora Network (SLDN) is a multi-disciplinary, non-partisan, non-denominational team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to addressing & influencing economic, environmental and social issues and processes in our home country. We intend to work in partnership with the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL), national and international NGOs, the private sector and local communities, with the aim of encouraging and effecting long-term and sustainable development to Sierra Leone. For more information, kindly visit www.sldn.org.uk

The objectives of the Tanzania Association in UK
  • Provide a Social Networking and Business Networking
  • Business Opportunities and Development
  • Enhance the skill and capacity of our members
  • Integration into UK communities
  • Investments
  • Information
For further information, kindly visit www.tzcommunity.co.uk

African Communications Agency has since inception concentrated toward establishing partnerships and developing initiatives to (1) help change the negative perceptions of Africa that have been perpetuated by the media, and (2) to introduce African businesses to a global marketplace.

With its headquarters in Accra, Ghana and offices in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Nigeria, ACA has been able to establish linkages throughout Africa and Europe. Staying true to its mission to show "another side of Africa", ACA has been successful in expanding its operations by partnering with various groups and organizations. For more information, visit www.acapublishing.com

NETWORKING4 PROFESSIONALS.COM (N4P) is 'a platform for business and social networking for professionals and business people around the world'. NETWORKING4PROFESSIONALS.COM facillitates both on-line (on the website) and off-line (at events) business networking. What differentiates us from other social networking websites is that we are community-based (contributing to the economic development of our local and/or home countries) and focussed on supporting businesses and professionals with an interest in Africa. For further information, kindly visit www.networking4professionals.com

Over the next 3 years AFFORD will concentrate on supporting the African diaspora in the UK to contribute to wealth and job creation in Africa. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions to find out how we can help your work. AFFORD was founded as a UK registered charity in 1994 by a group of Africans in the UK, in response to concerns, that despite the vast number of Africans in the UK who organize themselves and contribute to Africa's development, Africans were effectively marginalized from mainstream development activity directed towards Africa. There was also a realization that different Africans can and should learn from each other. For more information, kindly visit www.afford-uk.org

Connections for Development Connections for Development (CfD) is a UK, Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) led, membership based organisation committed to ensuring that UK BME communities, and the organisations they are involved in here, are supported in the process of shaping and delivering policy and projects that affect their countries of origin or interest – collectively “our world”. For details kindly visit http://www.cfdnetwork.co.uk

Centre for Agricultural Resources and Development (CEFARD), Canada is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, and humanitarian organisation. CEFARD's mandate is to champion the course of global poverty alleviation through agricultural recources and developmental tools mostly in the developing nations of the world. Our vision is to engage actively in global agricultural revival campaign for gross food production to create wealth for poverty alleviation and participate in the course of development in fulfilling the mandate of the millennium development goals of the United Nations. Our mission is empowering men, women and youths to improve their livelihood through skill training, disseminating and application of knowledge into sustainable agriculture, rural community development and capacity building. For more information, kindly visit www.cefard.org

The African Diaspora Policy Centre (ADPC) is an independent organisation which was established in The Netherlands in 2006. ADPC provides a platform that enables African Diaspora in Europe to connect more closely with the continent as a collective force, pool their resources and proactively undertake initiatives for the promotion of peace, better governance and brain gain in Africa. ADPC pursues its goals by facilitating the effective harnessing of the considerable, and largely untapped, social capital of the huge African Diaspora population in Europe for the promotion of peace, better governance and brain gain in Africa. For further information, kindly visit www.diaspora-centre.org

The Afro-European Medical and Research Network is a Non-Governmental and non-profit Organisation with a strong vision of helping to improve the quality of life for people from and living in resource limited settings. It shall have Bern-Switzerland as overall and European headquarters and Liberia as Africa Regional headquarters. Projects will be initiated in various resource-limited countries especially Sub-Saharan Africa. For more information, kindly visit www.aemrnetwork.ch

GENTAN was born from the reality that primary care professionals are faced with challenges in dealing with patients who have been affected by a genetic disorder, or whose family history is of concern. A practice long established in the high income countries. GENTAN's mission is to support the use of genetics as a primary health care tool in less developed countries, in particular, Tanzania.

Established in 2006, and although currently in a state of adhocracy, GENTAN is primarily based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It was set up by Ivan E. Teri, BSc/MGen (Hons), a Tanzanian, whilst living in the UK. His studies and experiences within the NHS reinforced his beliefs in the importance of genetic research and application (e.g. screening, counselling and working together with medicine) in primary health care provision. However, he also promotes the use of quantitative-qualitative research coupling in fighting the escalating health problems in lower income countries, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. For more information, kindly visit www.aemrnetwork.ch

The African Cultural Exchange’smission to help others to share in the discovery of Africa and Africans through our charitable and huminatarian-cross cultural, development, educational, and healthcare projects. We are engaged in a variety of cross-cultural charitable and humanitarian projects in Africa and hope that by browsing this website, you may find a way to join us in these efforts. Be it volunteering on a development or cross-cultural exchange project, working on a health care recovery or crisis relief team, having your organization’s project be supported by the ACE or making an all important donation towards those efforts, we know that you will be fulfilled by the connectivity with the continent of Africa and its people. For more information, kindly visit www.theafricanculturalexchange.org

NEPAD Council is a non-political and independent Non-Profit Organization (NGO) founded by young African professionals and scholars with a pledge to support the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) to achieve its mission. As a supporting partner, NEPAD Council’s mission is to mobilize and energize global action, marshal resources and expertise so as to provide impetus to NEPAD’s objectives. The council matches NEPAD’s commitment with its own agenda to promote creativity in Africa, boost expertise and capacity, encourage democracy and good governance and provide more effective development expertise. NEPAD Council is made up of members representing all African countries. Members of NEPAD Council are selected from exceptionally skilled individuals who can dedicate some of their free time to work towards the development of Africa. For more information, kindly visit www.nepadcouncil.org

AGRIENVIRONseeks to organise, promote and implement research, training, consultation, advise and manage projects on sustainable agricultural production and the major causes and impacts of terrestrial environmental change. It also seeks to contribute to management strategies for coping with future environmental changes as well as the enhancement of agricultural production that levies minimal impact on the environment. AGRIENVIRON is a multi-disciplinary firm applying agronomy, soil science, soil biology, plant nutrition, plant biology, hydrology, geomechanics, biogeochemistry, ecology, environmental science, environmental law and resource economics to the management of land use systems (including disturbed and undisturbed ecosystems). For more information, kindly visit www.agrienviron.com